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Navigating the Design Lab - General Instructions

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General Design Lab Instructions


Adding and Editing an Item:

When adding any item to your sash, you will need to select where you want it to be added. There are three options the Left, Right and Back side. Please note that not all items will fit on the back side. The item will not appear on the sash until you have clicked the "Add To Sash" button.


After you have added an item to your sash, it will show up under the grey bar that says "Customize Your Sash!". If you would like to edit an item, you will need to click on the "edit" link. After making your changes, you will need to click on "Update" or "Delete" to delete an item.

custom graduation sash colors

Adding a text to your sash:

This option allows you to add text to your sash, you can choose from Regular Letters, or from the Greek alphabet(both uppercase and lowercase). You can choose to position your text in a number of different ways. There are 33 colors available for text embroidery. English can be simply typed in the box, greek letters can be clicked to be added on the on-screen keyboard. We also offer 8 different fonts.


Adding an Applique to your sash:

Applique is a process in which another piece of fabric in the shape of a letter is laid on top of the sash and embroidered down. You can choose from Foreground and Background colors(33 colors available). The foreground color is the fabric that is laid down, the background color is the embroidery color that sews it down. Applique is not the same fabric as the sash, so although colors will be very similar, they may not be exact matches. We offer Greek(up to 3 letters), English(up to 5 letters) and Numbers(up to 4 numbers) in applique.

custom graduation sash colors



Adding a Crest to your sash:

Select this option if you would like your organization's crest displayed on your sash. We offer most organization crests for $15, but if your crest is no displayed you may select "provide your own crest" at the bottom of the page. We charge $20 for provide your own crest, because we do not have it setup. Crest colors come set and cant be modified. Crests only come in one size (about 3" - 4" tall). You can add the crest to either side, or the back of the sash.

*Please note that you can only select "provide your own crest" for Greek organizations. All other logos must be added through the Custom File option.


Adding a Flag to Your Sash:

We offer all US state flags as well as most country flags. We do not offer Greek organization flags at this time. Flags are listed in alphabetical order. Hover over the flag to see the name of the State/Country. Flags come in set colors and are embroidered. Flags are about 2"x3".


Adding a Symbol to your sash:

We offer the following symbols in 33 colors. Anchor, Arrow, Bolt, Cleff, Cross, Crown, Money, Dolphin, Dove, Fleur-de-lis, Griffin, Big Heart, Heart, Big Open Heart, Star & Crescent, Key, Kite, Lyre, Crescent, Small Cleff, Peace, Ribbon, Happy Face, Star, Star of David, Sword, Trident. Symbols can be adjusted from 1"-3" tall and angled to your preference.



Adding a Custom file to your sash:

If you need to add a custom picture that is not available through the previous options, you may upload a custom file. We advise using this option only for group orders because there is a $75 setup fee associated with it. This fee is required to setup and "digitize" the file which is very time consuming process.

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