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Start Designing Your Own Sash

  • CustomSash.com has one primary goal: To make your graduation or special event unforgettable!
  • CustomSash is a subsidiary of GreekLifeThreads.com and was started by 2 college students from UC Irvine who went through all the complexities of sash ordering-and decided to make it simple. At CustomSash we have created the newest and easiest way to order a personalized sash while giving you even more customization options.
  • We pride ourselves on 2 things: Quality and Service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and ensure that your sash will be made with the highest standards. We are also unparalleled when it comes to service. Use the “Live Chat” feature on the bottom right of your screen to ask us any questions, give us feedback, or just say Hi!
  • So whether you are graduating or having a special event, order your CustomSash with complete confidence and look good on your big day.